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What is the progression for a U-8 player?

Many new and experienced hockey parents ask the same question: What is the next step for my player? With the West River Royals we have a progression that takes your young U-8 player from a learn to play (Mini-Monarchs) through full ice hockey. 

Mini-Monarchs is our learn to play program that has two fifty minute skating sessions per week. Early in our session we start with hockey basics and as the group develops we add complexity to our program to challenge these young players to their max potential. Some players will skate in just one session while others will skate in 3 or 4. All young players develop at their own pace and that is okay. 

Mite Development is our half ice program that has one fifty minute practice per week and then one or two half ice jamborees most every weekend through the season. The half ice games encourage puck touches with no scores kept and a buzzer every 90 seconds for line changes. With mite development there will be some travel as this team plays in the Granite State League. Most games are in New Hampshire though currently there is a border team in Vermont. You can expect most trips to be within an hour of Tri-Town but not all. Berlin is a member of the GSL and they have an amazing barn to play in. 

Mite Hybrid is a new program for the West River Royals this year. This team has two team practices a week plus has one skills session per week. Starting off the year in the Granite State League playing half ice games, this team quickly advances to full ice hockey in the NE Amateur Hockey League playing most games in NH, with a game or two sprinkled in up in scenic Biddeford Maine! The full ice games have some modified rules to help acclimate young players to the full ice game. Parents should expect to play at least one game every weekend and participate in at least two tournaments per season.

Mite Major is our traditional full ice team that plays hockey in the Eastern Hockey Federation (The Fed). This team is for the most experienced and most committed of players at the U-8 level. Team practices will be twice a week with a weekly skills session. Games can be scheduled throughout New England and you should expect to travel to any of the New England states for games. There are typically two tournaments that this team plays in as well. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach email

West River Royals Hockey

West River Royals Hockey

Full ice hockey is what the West River Royals are about. Our Mites compete in the Eastern Hockey Federation and the NEAHL with a targeted practice to game ratio of 3:1

Development of individual skills and team concepts is an ongoing process that is the number one priority of our coaching staff and youth director. Keeping a high practice to game ratio allows for the best overall development of both.

If your U-8 skater is ready to stretch their legs on a full sheet of ice, please email Todd at and tell us about your player.

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